In Canada, top digital media companies include Major Tom, York & Chapel, Awkward Media, Art & Science Digital Experience Design. Other Canadian digital media companies that offer professional services include Full Blast Creative, ThinkTANK Advertising & Design, Dreambox Creations, Nova Solutions, and many more.

Headquartered in Vancouver, Major Tom is a digital media company that has offices in Toronto, Canada, and New York, U.S. The company offers a wealth of marketing services, including media planning, inbound marketing, data & optimization, and search & social. Major Tom also specializes in design, branding, eCommerce, CMS.

Another Top Canadian digital media company, York & Chapel works for customers such as The Specialty Food Association, Marc Jacobs, Oracle, Citibank, Erie Insurance, Nikon. The company offers the full array of professional services, including experiential, production, branding, content creation, and digital services. Content creation covers animated gifs, virtual reality, augmented reality, animation, live action, and more. York & Chapel also offers digital services such as intranet and extranet systems, custom web applications, desktop and mobile applications, and responsive websites.

Based in Toronto, Awkward Media is a web design, SEO, and digital marketing company that works for customers such as Desjardins, Refuel Juice and Salad Bar, Robin & Partners, Liquid Communications. The company offers professional services such as mobile and web design, printing, SEO, and branding.

Art & Science Digital Experience Design is headquartered in Toronto and works for major companies and institutions such as RBC, Panasonic, Intel, Hermes, Starbucks, Shaw. Customers are offers a host of professional services, including branding and communication, experiential marketing, strategic consulting, and digital marketing. The company specializes in digital marketing, including media buying, content promotion and marketing, social media marketing, PPC, and search engine optimization. Art & Science Digital Experience Design also offers branding and communication services such as social media management, video and content production, brand development, and consumer and competitor research. In addition, the company offers strategic consulting, including growth tactics, go-to-market strategies, stakeholder consultations, competitive analysis, and foresight services.

Forge and Smith works for major companies and brands such as the Discovery Channel, Sussex Insurance, British Columbia’s Knowledge Network, and Webber Naturals. The company specializes in digital strategy development, web development, and UX & design. Customers are offered the full array of professional services, among which social metrics, strategic reporting, SEO and analytics, custom WordPress development, and responsive web design. Forge and Smith also specializes in UX and prototyping, information architecture, content strategy, and logo design and branding. Customers are also offered web development services such as speed optimization, mobile accessibility, and quality assurance. Forge and Smith specializes in digital strategy development and features services such as social media referral, content marketing, brand positioning, and AdWords campaigns.

Based in Toronto, Pixelcarve Inc. is a digital media company working for major customers such as KFC, Bell Canada, Global Edge Investments, RBC, Paramount Home Entertainment. The company specializes in branding, creative design and production, and inbound marketing. Customers can choose from a host of creative design and production services, including social profile, graphic, and logo design, landing pages, mobile and responsive websites, web development, and video production. Pixelcarve Inc. also features branding services such as creative concepts, identity and naming, and competitive and communications audits. Finally, the company specializes in inbound marketing and offers services such as mobile and search engine marketing, marketing automation, and reputation management.

There are some things to learn and do to start a digital media company in Canada, one being to establish an online presence and create a great portfolio to attract potential customers. Obviously, you have to choose a business structure for your company, buy equipment and tools, develop a sound business plan, and finance your project, whether by applying for external financing or by self-financing.

Establish Online Presence

You need to have a website to promote your services and attract potential customers. What you need is a functional website with a good design. Obviously, it is important to have a portfolio posted on your website, featuring work and projects completed for companies and individual customers.

Business Structure for Your Company

The choice of the right business structure is also important and depends on factors such as the extent of administrative complexity you are willing to deal with, risk tolerance. The main types of business structure are corporation, Limited Liability Company, partnership, and sole proprietorship. When choosing a legal structure, take into account factors such as administrative and other costs, taxes, flexibility, limitation of liability, and control.


There is a host of tools for your digital media company, including tools to develop and run advertising campaigns, tools that target different categories of visitors, display tools, email marketing tools. There are plenty of video hosting websites, website testing software and tools, and content curation and creation tools. It all depends on your customer base, projects, and target audience.

Developing a Business Plan

This is an important step if you require external financing to start your digital media company. Make sure you develop a sound business plan with sections and subsections such as your marketing strategy, competitor analysis, products and services. You may want to include a list of the products and services offered, including search engine optimization, blog development, e-commerce, graphic design, website design, and so on. Other services to offer include social campaign management, social media analysis, syndication and distribution, etc.

Financing for Your Digital Media Company

There are different ways to finance your start-up in Canada, from mortgages and secured and unsecured loans by private providers to government grants and loans, self-financing, loan from a relative or friend. If you have money in your savings or checking account, self-financing is the least expensive option. Borrowing from a relative or friend is also a way to get a low-cost loan - There are different types of security, including guarantees, and additional and primary security. A loan by your local credit union or bank is yet another option. Financial institutions offer a host of borrowing solutions to start-ups and mid-size and large companies, from business credit cards and lines of credit - - to small business vehicle financing, mortgages, loans, start-up and technology financing. Many banks offer flexible repayment terms and long amortization periods. Operating and short-term loans are available to business owners as well to help with purchases and improvements. This is also a way to obtain additional operating funds.

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